I was on my dog walk today and felt like writing a little of a prologue for a story, might add more to it later, so here goes:


Brian watched the light drift sleepily through the gap in his horribly beige curtains from his bed. He battled with his inherent want to tug the curtains sharply into an overlapping position, but decided it required a higher level of effort than he could be bothered to part with. The autumn morning light dimly lit a line across his bedside, highlighting the form of his wife, Sarah, blissfully sleeping without a sound. He had planned to replace the curtains with something more lively when they moved here, maybe blue curtains or a wooden blind, whatever worked. Sarah always knew these things better than him, interior design wasn’t his strong point. Besides, that was 10 years ago now and the material had become tattered and discoloured through age.

“This isn’t going to be a successful or sustainable career Brian and you know I’m right” His father’s un-groomed greying eyebrows had furrowed to combine into one thick menacing line of hair stretching across his creased forehead. “You can’t support a family on…this”, gesticulating with his podgy fingers to Brian’s portfolio of sketches. Beads of sweat trailing down the corners of his father’s receding hairline. His mother had remained silent, staring through glassy eyes out into the garden and rain battering in relentless strokes against the window panes. All creativity had been squeezed out of him at a young age with his father eager to push Brian into a suit and straight into an office job. The sensible thing to do.


Brian skipped the last 4 minutes he was entitled to in bed before his alarm and slipped out of the floral patterned covers. Sarah’s choice of course. Carefully he folded the covers like origami, following each step and fold without thought, just as a well-practiced Folder would, if that’s what they’re called, Brian wasn’t sure, Origami was not something he’d ever looked into. No time for a hobby.


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