Update: 12.10.14

I’ve been meaning to write on here for months now, but I’m never sure what to write. That or I just tell myself an excuse and that works (I felt I should write a post after the 5 month-ish absence).

People tell you that if you want to write, then you should just do it. But then again, easier said than done, am I right?


I first started this blog to practice writing for my degree – after being recommended to do so and I really enjoy it. The only problem is that with any amount of creativity, it doesn’t work well under pressure and I want to put good content up here, not just garbled stuff I came up with at 1 in the morning (If you want that, just follow my twitter: https://twitter.com/wasabibeans21).

I’m not really sure what this blog is, other than a collection of stuff that I write but, I plan to write here more regularly and I’ll work my way up to interesting content, promise.

Image source: http://www.crushable.com


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