I haven’t been able to write here for a while; there has been deadlines, I haven’t been feeling very creative, excuses and blah. Well, you know the addictive hold that Netflix can have over someone.

Something which I enjoy the most about university is meeting new people and trying new things. But I haven’t tried anything that out of comfort zone. Yesterday, on my way down into the town I was walking down the path by one of the colleges and got overtaken by a very tall lad, striding ahead of me- and I walk pretty quickly on a good day. This guy was dressed head to toe in costume- a bit like a steam-punk pirate. That guy has balls. What was particularly cool was the massive axe over his shoulder with his long coat hanging from the end. He must have been on the way back from a meeting on campus-  maybe the pirate society. Either way, he looked like a badass.

As something that just casually and completely happened out of the blue, it was super awesome.

It was one of those moments where you feel the urge to kind of look off to the side and pull a funny face or something. As if you were turning to look at the guy behind the camera lens to say: `did you just see that?`


maybe I’ve just been watching shows like The US Office too much.

The Office

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